Thailand reports youngest death of baby Covid-19

Thailand reports youngest death of baby Covid-19

Thailand reports youngest death of baby Covid-19: 2 months old

Thailand witnessed its youngest death linked to the Covid-19 virus, with a 2-month-old baby who succumbed to complications with the infection. Doctors say the baby has a heart condition, which may have contributed to his death. Another baby, however, recently beat the virus as a pediatrician says the 1-month-old baby is unbelievably lucky.

Infectious disease doctor Suchada Ruenglerdpong says the child was the youngest patient at Piriuap Khiri Khan hospital. He is alleged to have caught the virus from an infected family member at a funeral home in the province.

The boy was taken to hospital because he had difficulty breathing. His parents said the boy’s chest appeared to be “shrinking”. Doctors said the boy had a lung infection but did not need an intubation. They say it was treated in the same way that an adult would be treated for a coronavirus. He received Favipiravir but was closely monitored as more side effects were possible when administering the medication to a child.

Now, Thailand is currently facing a third wave of the virus, which has seen the British variant being introduced to its population, causing three times the number of infections and a 6-fold increase in deaths since early April . Covid-19 task force Spokeswoman Taweesin Wisanuyothin says infections in the capital have not slowed.

“New infections discovered in Bangkok remain high. Overall, the new cases are still on an upward trend. ”

The latest outbreaks have included 29 clusters in the markets and, more recently, construction sites in the Laksi area. The public health ministry says it now plans to vaccinate 5 million people by the end of July. The capital on Monday saw the highest number of new infections a day, 1,843 of the national high of 9,635. The unusually high amount of infections comes after 12 prisons in Thailand were discovered infected with Covid, accounting for 6,853 new infections a day.

Bangkok authorities say they are working with private entities to open 25 vaccination centers by the end of May, with the aim of opening vaccinations to the public by June. The announcement comes as the capital of Thailand sees new Covid-19 clusters, suggesting updated targets to vaccinate 5 million residents by the end of July. Now, health officials say they are aiming for herd immunity by planning to vaccinate 38,000 to 50,000 people a day.

The Department of Public Health today reported 3,394 new cases and 29 new deaths related to the Covid. Today’s 1,498 cases come from Thai prisons. Taking the prison toll out of the equation, the trend remains stable with around 2,000 – 2,500 new cases daily for the last 3 weeks throughout Thailand.


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