Roshi, the financial comparison platform helps Singaporeans master their money

Roshi, the financial comparison platform helps Singaporeans master their money

Singapore-based entrepreneur Amir Nada launched a financial comparison platform during the lock-down period that helps Singaporeans master all their money movements. Like Tadoo from Thailand, the new platform allows consumers to easily compare and choose the best financial products and plan better ways to spend and save.

SINGAPORE (SEPTEMBER) – “Opportunity is always in crisis.” That’s the sweeping message of Singaporean internet entrepreneur Amir Nada, who developed ROSHI, a financial comparison website six months ago, when the country was forced into Covid-19 blockade restrictions.

According to research conducted by global professional services firm Accenture, Singapore Fintech companies raised $ 735 million in 2019. This is a 69% increase over the same period in 2018. Understanding the popularity and demand for Fintech services in the country, Nada developed ROSHI using a small amount of its own capital and an experience optimization framework that it developed in its corporate work to analyze and learn from other market players.

“I had a lot of time on my block, so I used the time to do something productive,” Nada said when asked to explain his motivation for creating the platform. Nada is also very passionate about starting IoT distribution businesses and has been continually frustrated by the poor user experience provided by market leaders. He added: “I wanted to give Singaporeans more value by helping them better manage the money they work so hard for.”

Billed as a barrier in the financial comparison, ROSHI offers Singapore the first real-time home loan offering platform on the market, the latest price checkpoints, easy-to-use comparison tools and expert insights to answer all of your questions money. The platform allows consumers to easily compare the best financial products from credit cards, home loans and insurance to personal loans, facades and investments. In addition, the providers listed on the platform have ratings and reviews to give consumers a better idea of ​​the products and services they offer.

Guided by its mission to allow consumers to master all their money movements, ROSHI puts the power in the hands of consumers with their home loan offering feature. The company has lenders to apply for borrower applications directly from the platform. Consumers can then compare customized loan options and chat directly with loan managers to get the best rates in the market.

ROSHI already offers a host of options; however, there are plans to introduce additional financial tools and functions over the coming months. Nada also plans to expand the service beyond Singapore’s borders. To achieve this, the young entrepreneur is ready to discuss seed financing opportunities with investors.


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