A Bengal tiger fled to America captured after terrorizing locals

A Bengal tiger fled to America captured after terrorizing locals

An escaping 9-month-old Bengal tiger that devastated the city of Houston in the US state of Texas was caught unharmed. The tiger, called India, was cared for by the wife of its owner, Victor Cuevas, 26.

The owner was recently seen on social media kissing the tiger before putting it in his car and driving away. The tiger was last seen a week ago, roaming the houses in the suburbs of the big city. Houston Police Manager Ron Borza says the animal was unharmed when it was captured and transferred to an animal shelter.

“We got it and it’s healthy.”

The videos showed an off-duty sheriff pulling a gun at the tiger before Cuevas arrived to take him away. He did not tell the police where the tiger had spent the past week, but said his wife had always known where he was. However, owning a tiger within the city limits of Houston, Texas is illegal. Police say Cueva’s wife should not face charges. But Borza told reporters that having a tiger was not a good thing.

“You should not have it in your house. Not good for the tiger. ”

India has been transported to a sanctuary where it will have its own habitat with 0.2 hectares of land that includes a wooded area and a swimming pool. But first, the seemingly healthy tiger will be quarantined for 30 days before being introduced to his new home.

The WWF conservation group estimates that there are about 5,000 tigers living in captivity across America, more than the global population of wild tigers. The state of Texas is a major contributor to the capture of wild animals.

According to media reports, Cuevas was arrested last week but released 2 days later, only to be arrested another 2 days later. This was not his first arrest, as he had previously been charged with murder. No other details were given about his arrests.



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