10 new 5G towers under construction in Nong Prue, Pattaya

10 new 5G towers under construction in Nong Prue, Pattaya

Nong Prue’s tambon, east of the city of Pattaya, will host 10 new 5G WiFi “Smart Poles”. Installation begins this month. The announcement was made by Mayor Nong Prue Mine Chiyanit and the United Technology Enterprise team that they were installing the new towers and technology.

The Smart Pole fittings will be located near Soi Phon Prapa Nimit, Suthawart Temple Cross section, Phrakiet Chalerm Crossing, Soi Nern Ballroom, Soa Marb Yailerb 18/5, city center, Boon Sampan Market, Rattanakorn Market, Khao Talo Plaza and at adjacent to The Cold.

The mayor told The Pattaya News that the areas were chosen because of population concentrations in the local community and provide the benefits of 5G high-speed technology to the wider cross-section of the people who live and work there.

“We are excited about the tremendous benefits this will bring to our community, especially in terms of WiFi speeds and being able to keep our community safe with wireless CCTV capabilities.”

“Installation should begin this month.”

The main benefits of 5G are higher data speeds, lower or near zero latency (delay) and greater ability to operate services remotely, a greater number of connected devices and the possibility of operating virtual networks (network slicing).

“These smart poles will provide 5G WiFi, provide news for the general borough, improved and higher quality CCTV camera monitoring systems and ambient PM 2.5 player.

There has been much speculation and debate about 5G, including inaccurate information about the alleged immediate dangers of 5G technology that have not yet emerged in the real world. Some of the issues raised by objectors include alleged “radiation” of the carrier signal bandwidth, direct effects on human anatomy and cell structure, high frequency “electrosmog” bombardment, and direct effects on human skin, eyes and heart . The scientific evidence supporting these claims has been inconclusive and cannot be replicated in real-world scenarios.

During the culmination of the early stages of the coronavirus, a new conspiracy theory emerged that could capture Covid-19 from 5G towers. It was quickly revealed.


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